The test and stuff

Yea so its not the most articulate title but like lots of you guys I have had alot things due and along with this test so Im alittle sleep deprived and hyped on caffine. But I thought I would come on and write alittle as I havent been on here in a while.

First of the test this morning I thought wasnt to bad. I was nervous going in but once I got into the flow of writing I ended up writing quite abit, not more than one booklet like some of you. So hopefully what I got done was good.

Overall Iv really enjoyed this course. While I have found some of the aspects difficult, I was interested in the topic and I think that made me not give up completly. I dont know about everyone else but now I keep analysing rituals thatĀ  I see and participate in ,especially those I never thought of as being ritualised before this.

I also did a greek mythology class this semester and I have found it interesting the corelations between the two and how ritual and myth complement each other.

Im also looking to the anthropology class next semester, are many of you enrolled, its with Hal Levine (I think that his name) šŸ™‚


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Dum dum de dum

I want my cake to be at least this big ;)

I want my cake to be at least this big šŸ˜‰

BTW the title is my attempt at writing the wedding march theme.

The last few lectures that we have had ive found really quite interesting. For me Ive never really thought about weddings in the way we have been looking at them. From my previous understandings of why people get married and have this celebration I never considered my wanting to participate in such a thing, and if I did on a much smaller scale than some I have heard about and be have actually only being to two weddings that I can remeber and both were such opposites of each other. The first wedding was simple and relaxed, the ceremony and reception taking place in the same room and by the generalised procedings of weddings not ‘traditional’. This probably had to do with this was both their second marriage. The second wedding however was very ‘traditional’, taking place in a church, reading from the bible, lots ad lots of money spent.

For me if i did marry it would be more like the first, a smaller scale. Also when Brigitte was talking about the wedding where two cousins were not invited, I was originally thinking about how it probably wouldnt be to bad. But as she continued talking about it and the tensions it caused, I thought well yea actually if I wasnt invited and I was expecting an invite cause all my siblings got one I guess I would be kinda mad, and there would be abit of tension. I then began thinking about who I would be obligated to invite, when she was talking about parents influnce on whose invited, and I already thought of a few people that I would have to invit, even if I didnt particulary want them there, and the consequences of not inviting them. So overall I understand now why there are professional wedding planners, I mean just choosing the invite listand delaing with family politics seem hard enough, best plan probably is just to elope….

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Eskimo Lollies!

First off, I love Eskimo lollies. I love em straight outta the packet, roasted or in the middle of a lollies cake. And Im sure im not the only one, being around for 54 glorious years Pascall calls them “an iconic NZ lolly”. (BTW gluten free also)

So by now Im sure everyone has heard in at least passing during the last about the complaint made last week by a Canadian Inuit over Eskimo lollies and the degrogatory name. This is because in Eskimo is not the correct term but seen by the Inuits (the correct term) as racist and insulting. Ive posted some links at the bottom if you dont know the story and also just more infformation on it.

Its made headlines all over the world and everyone seems to have an opinion. Truthfully while I saw a piece on the news about it at first I didnt really think to much about it, I pretty much thought: “Oh thats right I learnt that last year in Anth that they are called Inuits. Hmmm. Is it really that big of deal, I mean this Inuit family on the news happily calls themselves Eskimos, and I havent heard of any complaints about this before. This world getting to PC. And not many people know the correct term and what Eskimo connontates and most likely those who call them Eskimos dont think of that connotation when calling them that”.

Not the most unbias or most anthropologically way to look at this story.

So I kinda forgot about this story, thinking it would blow over in a day or two and put it out of my mind. However, it was brought up again when me and my mum were on our way to Wellington listening to the Rock. The afternoon DJs were having a go at this story and my mum hadnt heard about this before now and was just like “WHAT”.Ā  The girl who complained actually ended up ringing up and by the end I felt kinda sorry for her because the DJs were completely taking the piss out of her and we dont think she realised. What we came to and so did the others was alot of food and other things have names of people, countries that they may not want to be associated with, and could be said by other peple eating say a kiwi fruit, thats like eating a NZer, and hey what if I dont want to be associated or called this brown bird, I mean come on it cant even fly..

But saying this I disagree with those who plainly ridecule and dont even try to understand where she is coming from. Alot have people have brought up that would we be offended if they sold for examples lollies that look like Maori in traditional Maori outfits overseas. People can say they wouldnt but there would be a percentage that would be. I think we find the complaint “ridiculous” as some might say because so little understand the meaning of Eskimo or even know it has a different name. I know no one I have talked to has. And we dont know this because we are so far from the originating source and have had no direct need to find out the correct term and use because of such little asscociation. And because of this do not use the name to offend but because that is what we have grown up with and havent been corrected. The complainties grandfather even says

“It doesn’t bother me if people down there in the south use the word Eskimo,” said Veevee. “They just don’t know any better. So maybe if what she’s doing is educating them, that’s all right. It’s just a candy, after all.”

One last thing before I finish is when looking at this and NZers attitudes towards it Iam reminded of part of Kate Fox’s book called “Watching the Enlish” which Mary has mentioned in class. I havent finished it but I believe our sense of humor and attitude towards taking oneself to seriously is very similar. We try not to ourselves to seriously and those people who do are seen as abit up themselves or making a fuss over nothing or just too PC. And to deal with this seriousness we resort to mocking and puting each other down and just asking “whats their problem” and telling them to “get a life”.

Definitely not one of NZs best traits.

Ps. sorry for the essay length read. Thats if you got this far.

Heres a few links for those who havent or want some more information:

Eskimos to stay, maker says

Commissioner wades into lolly war

Canadian report


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So far…

So this half of the trimestetr has gone so fast i can hardly believe it. Ive really enjoyed this class so far. At first I wasnt sure i would but as the class progressed I have really got into it. While we touched on the subject last year we didnt go into real depth and didnt consider all the aspects of rituals.

One of the things Iv really enjoyed is learning of all these huge festivals that I haventy heard of before like the Palio. It makes me consider all those I dont know about and makes me want to learn about them.

On a side note I was talking to my family the other day about anthropology and explaining what it is, because no one knows. Though my dad was like amusingly like “the doctor on Bones shes an anthropologist right, so like with bodies and stuff?” I explained their were different fields. Anyway so then he went on to mentioned how they were moving sheep soomewhere recently and the sheep got loose so they were chasing them all over trying to catch them, gave me a bit of a laugh thinking of the ritual we created.

So what has everyone else enjoyex from this class so far?

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Classical myths and rituals

Throughout my time as a classics student Ive learnt quite alot about the lives and traditions of ancient Greeks anfd Romans. This semester Ive been in Greek Mythology. As you read about the myths created and those who believed what becomes evident is that these myths were used as ways of justifying and explaining behaviours, attitudes and events. While most people can quickly grasp this, I find it interesting the way these ancient peoples would celebrate and participate in rituals that had such rich and to them long history.

I really began to think of these ancient traditions in relation to this anthropology class when we were looking at the god Dionysus. One of the 12 Olympians, or main gods, Dionysus had a huge following in classical times. This can be contrbuted to what he ruled over; the theatre, wine and fertility, all important to the people.

The celebrations through his cult and festivals, The Dionysia and the Dionysian Mysteries, made me remember this and other festivals and rituals I looked at in 6th form and this year in Greek Myth. What I find interesting is the extent of the background of each ritual they perform. I would say nearly all rituals performed, those performing it know the quite alot about the background of where the festival comes from and the reasons and importanceĀ  of performing it, and generally take rituals quite seriously. When compared to todays society many of our large ritual celbrations or events the background isnt know or not considered important to the performace. I mean how many of us know how Valentines came to be, or why certain symbols are asscoiated with events. Also is how many of us care? To many people and Im sure there are some I paripate in that are just a novelty day; a day to dress up differently, or a day off or you get time and a half when working.

I just think its interesting how we perceive and treat rituals compared to people thousands of years ago. One thing is for sure is people in Greece and in the Roman Empire sure had a whole lot of rituals and knew how to celebrate them. So these places are a really good place to look for a set time and people that had a range of rituals for well practically everything. The greek gods are also cool in a crazy wtf kind of way; the myths are pretty much where they got the idea for a TV soap from, you would think anyway.

So hopefully makes sense my heads a bit in the clouds, so it mite be alitlle wack.

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Searching for sheep and BBQs

Hey, so I thought id do a quick post about fridays lecture which was I though was really fun and interesting. Everyone had some really great ideas. My group was the one with the boat racing and sheep hunting abit crazy, but who knows in a few years we could be doing. Maybe not to the extent of all over the city but who knows. I come from a small rural wacky town, I think this stuff is common in parts like mine.I know one of the reasons I was trying to come up with these wacky ideas was I loved the one they did in Germany. To me it just sounds really fun and random and I always like a reason to dress up and drink. Dont know about the whole making of noise at 5.30 iin the morning, the summer I had to get up that early, I wasnt loving loud noises at that time. I wish my town or Wellington or really any place close enough would have some awesome parade. Parades are awesome, I dont care what you say Ted Mosby. Yea Iv been watching ‘How I met your Mother’ lately. I love it.

So I digress…

Of the other groups ideas I really liked the day of the dead. Im sure lots of people would like that, having a day to remember those that have passed. Why Im lucky and have had no one clsoe to me pass, i saw it also as a way of remembering those that have passed and made the world what it is and who you are like as they said your ancestors.

The gumboots idea was really neat to. It would be great to see everyone walking around in gumboots, to see them matched with pretty dresses, fancy clothes and people you ve never seen out of stilletos. I like that this kinda brings everyone to the same level, and for one day people could put away judging and worrying what they look like and have abit of fun and relax. Chillax even. Other groups had some great symbolism and ideas.

Im sure they do sheep catching somewhere, im going to google it…

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First Observation

Hey everyone,

Hope every ones assignments are going good. I did my first observation yesterday. I decided on observing a McDonald’s because of the range of people who come into there, and the type of behaviour that can be observed.

It was quite interesting, there was definitely some behaviour that could be generalised and seen as ritual behaviour.

I think one of the staff thought I was abit strange and was wondering what I was doing sitting there writing and looking around for quite a while. He mentioned something as I was leaving but I didn’t really hear him.

So not to look as strange and out of place next time when I go on Monday, I’m making some a flatmate come with me. That way I shouldn’t look as dodgy! Haha

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